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Try a modified social sport for just $10 for 5 sessions!



For Clubs

How to become a 5 for 10 Club

For Community

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Spring into Summer with Smashing Deals


Aquatic Programs 


Norwood Swim School and Better Movement Studio, 273 The Parade, Beulah Park

Groove, Move and Be Active Program

  • $35 per month for 3 months ($105 for 3 months up front) or $7.50 per week
  • 3 sessions per week of activities 





New and fun activity option with AnglicareSA Allied Health 

Parallel Pole Dancing, based on Easy Moves for Active Ageing 

One of many activities offered through Anglicare SA



Walk more, live longer

This large scale Australian study conducted over 10 years confirms that increasing your number of daily steps has a significant impact on health.

Going from sedentary to 10,000 steps a day reduces mortality by a massive 46%, and even increasing from sedentary to 3,000 steps reduces mortality by 12%.

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